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  • 15 Years of Vanity Mirror Production Experience
  • 20 Mirror Patents
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • New Speech Control Technology

LED Vanity Mirror Factory

ILUMAY Vanity Mirror supports small batch customization, Provides a one-stop service for you; from product design to production, packaging, etc. Our products have certification and patents, perfect quality inspection, and an after-sales service system, Hollywood mirrors, diamond mirrors, crystal mirrors, and other metal and plastic Vanity mirrors, are widely used in bathrooms, and professional dressing rooms;

hollywood mirror

Customized LED bulbs, 3000k, 4500k, 6500k color temperature, No blue light, No glare, mail order packaging;

bathroom mirror

IP44 waterproof design, defogging, Bluetooth function, high color rendering index, non-contact control method;

Diamond vanity mirror

The shape and color of the crystal can be customized, hanging on the wall and on the desktop use.

Crystal Vanity Mirror
Crystal Makeup Mirror

Bluetooth function can be added, and the size can be customized; Speech control function can be added;

Table top vanity mirror
Tabletop Vanity Mirror

Can be customized with different materials plastic & metal, simple and portable, suitable for gift customization;

wall vanity mirror
Wall-Mounted Vanity Mirror

304 stainless steel, double-sided lighted vanity mirror, electroplating process, can be customized color.

Custom Vanity Mirror : Why ILUMAY


Provide OEM/ODM customization, respect your intellectual property rights;

led mirror Quality

3 quality inspections from products to raw materials, the defect rate below 2%;

led mirror Unique

With more than 20 patents, different from similar products in the market ;

led mirror storage

More than 6,000 square warehouses, temporary warehousing services;

Custome Unique Mirror

At present, the homogeneity of vanity mirrors is serious. If you want more sales and higher profits, you need to make special features;

We can provide you with product design services, customize unique makeup mirrors, differentiate them from peer mirrors, and enhance market competitiveness.

With professional designers and structural and electronic engineers, the mirror’s appearance, structure, and function can be customized.

custom vanity mirror
smart makeup mirror

Leading LED Technology

Using German OSRAM LED chips, the color rendering index > 95, providing a reliable light source for professional makeup scenes;

Exclusive speech control technology, apply for PCT and US invention patents, control lights and bluetooth through voice.

The intelligent control function of the mirror can be customized according to your needs;

Safe and Efficient Vanity Mirror Packaging

vanity mirror
led makeup mirror

Rich experience in the packaging of LED Vanity Mirrors, especially the e-commerce mail order packaging,

The mail order packaging can be customized according to the specific conditions of different mirrors;

Our packaging is in line with the ISTA-1A standard, safe transportation, small size, and freight saving;

Vanity Mirror Manufacturing

led mirror

Has large-scale hardware processing machinery, which can process aluminum, iron, and stainless steel,

and can process hardware products over 2 meters; cutting, polishing, welding, bending, painting various process processing capabilities;

Glass Processing

Using a 5mm environmental protection silver mirror, an explosion-proof design, the mirror is durable and safer;

its own glass processing workshop can finely process glass of various sizes; can laser logo patterns of various sizes on the mirror.

ILUMAY : Create More Value & Provide High-Quality Vanity Mirrors and Services for You

Vanity Mirror Wholesaler
Vanity Mirror Wholesaler & Retailer

The products are featured with stable quality and price, safe mail order packaging, and good after-sales ability with certification, patents, and no worries about sales;

hotel mirror
Hotel Project

Fast production and delivery capabilities, with customization, and stable quality; in line with standard requirements, to ensure the smooth progress of the project;

Gift & Design Company
Gift & Design Company

Novel and unique products and strong production capacity; grasp the new technology and new technology of the mirror industry, and give designers inspiration;

makeup mirror manufactures
Support Personalization & Small Batch Customization of Vanity Mirrors

ILUMAY provides you with different types of LED mirror characters, and also produces glass furniture, lighting, and more new products based on our R&D and production experience and equipment;

Learn More About ILUMAY : Your Vanity Mirror Supplier

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ILUMAY Provides You with Reliable Vanity Mirror & Excellent Service

For every customer of ILUAMY, we will take it seriously. From production, shipment, and after-sales, there will be a special person responsible for each link to ensure product quality and efficient service;

I want to customize a brighter mirror is it possible?

Yes, the brightness of the mirror can be customized according to your needs.

What is the MOQ for customization ?

If no customization is required, MOQ: 50 Pcs

If need a custom logo on the mirror and packaging, MOQ: 100 Pcs

For stock products, no MOQ requirement.

Can some products be exclusively represented?

Yes, you need to ensure the annual purchase amount.

How long is the warranty, and how will the product be sold if there is a problem?

5 years warranty, full compensation for product quality problems within 1 year;

How long is the delivery time?

Usually 45 days, can provide free storage service for a certain period of time.

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