Not Only LED Mirrors We Do Innovation On More




We continue to develop new products for LED mirrors and related scenes, using new processes, new materials, and new LED technology, and invite professional designers and engineers to design, so our products, not only limited to LED mirrors, ILUMAY can provide you with more competitive new products.

Smart Decorative Mirror

Turning on the light is a painting, turning off the light is a mirror, You can customizable patterns, can add Speech and human body induction intelligent control.

Speech Control Makeup Case

Speech control, 12V low-voltage power supply, lighter and thinner cabinet, more storage space, more convenient and safer to use.

Speech Control Travel Case

For the cosmetic case: size and color can be customized, and the case is made of flexible materials, Very convenient and safe to carry when traveling.

Smart End Table
Smart End Table

This End Table has RGB ambient lights and Bluetooth speakers, which can be controlled by intelligent voice, suitable for more scenes.

White Vanity Shelf
White Vanity Shelf

Environmentally friendly paint, E0 and P2 standard plates, mirror effect can be done, color can be customized, minimum order in small batches.

Mirrored Table
Mirrored Table With LED Mirror

Glass color and process & metal table legs such as stainless steel can also be customized., can make the split structure, saving you volume and freight.

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