4 Most Important Things When Looking For Vanity Table Suppliers?

For buyers who want to sell makeup tables, professional suppliers are very important. How to choose suppliers?

1. Material selection:

For modern style panel furniture, the quality standard of MDF panels, whether the paint is environmentally friendly if it is glass furniture, the quality of the glass, and whether the glue used meets environmental protection conditions.

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2. Craftsmanship:

A good vanity table not only needs to use good materials but also requires good craftsmanship. To measure whether a dressing table production factory is professional depends on whether it has experienced carpenters and painters, and whether it has skilled furniture assembly workers. . Can it meet the certification standards of the target market and cooperate with certification?

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3. Accessories:

The glass used in the makeup table, drawer slide rails, and screw accessories, the price, and quality may vary by ten times, so it needs to be confirmed clearly, what standard products are used by the supplier for the key accessories of the product, You can’t just compare from the total price of the table.

4. Quality control, and quality inspection:

Makeup tables are bulky, have high shipping costs, and are cumbersome after-sales, so the quality of a product is very important, and good quality can reduce a lot of after-sales costs.

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The supplier’s quality control and quality inspection capabilities must be clearly understood.

To sum up, the suppliers of dressing tables should not only be compared in terms of price but should also be considered comprehensively in terms of material selection, craftsmanship, accessories, quality control, etc., so as to minimize procurement risks to the greatest extent.

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