How To Solve LED Mirror’s Dark Area Problem

Due to the fixing method of the LED strip and the light-emitting direction of the square LED mirror, dark areas are often formed at the four corners of the LED mirror, which affects the appearance of the LED mirror and brings bad purchase and user experience to users.

lighted led mirror

So how to solve the problem of dark areas at the four corners of the LED mirror?

Currently, there are usually 2 options, each with its own advantages

1. Adding LED strips

Due to the relative distance between the four corners and the LED strip, the light is weak. Before, only one circle of LED strip was used, and it was increased to two circles of LED strip.

custom led vanity mirror

This can solve the problem of dark areas in the four corners, but the disadvantage is that the cost of the LED strip will be doubled.

2. Solve it by customizing the LED strip

led vanity mirror

If you customize a special LED strip on the square LED mirror, then only strengthen it at the four corners, which can not only solve the problem of dark areas but also not increase the cost of other parts of the LED strip. The disadvantage is that the customized light strip can only fix certain types of mirrors, which is poor in versatility.

At present, due to the application of new LED strips such as COB, more technical support will be provided for solving the problem of dark areas in LED mirrors

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