LED Mirror Manufacture with Innovative and Unique LED Mirror

ILUKMAY Support LED Mirrors for small batch customization, with more than 20 + appearance patents

  • Patents for inventions such as the PCT No.PCT/CN2021/085401
  • Appearance patents in Australia, UK, EU, USA
  • Using new materials and German LED chips, the CRI >95
  • Speech control technologies in the LED mirror

ILUMAY Professional LED Mirror Supplier For You

ILUMAY has 15 years of industry experience in LED Mirror, we can control the LED Mirror’s design, R&D, and entire supply chain and production links;

ILUMAY attaches great importance to design and R&D, which is mainly reflected in the LED light source and innovation of control system, the design, and application of appearance and new materials;

We hope ILUMAY LED Mirror can create more value for customers!

ILUMAY LED Mirror Classification

ILUMAY LED mirror series suitable for various mirror application scenarios, with diversified shapes and functions, can be customized according to the individual needs of you

LED vanity mirror

ILUMAY LED Vanity Mirror Using crystal and Diamond elements, Mirror’s appearance is simple and elegant, with diversified shapes and functions, a beautiful light effect, and CRI >90.

Hollywood Mirror

A century-old classic makeup mirror, LED bulbs can be customized with different materials and effects such as glass and PC and can add functions such as Bluetooth.

Crystal Mirror

For hotel projects, Bathroom Mirror can be customized, IP44 waterproof standard, anti-fog function, voice control, human body induction, and other functions can be added.

Full Length LED Mirror
Full Length LED Mirror

Full-length mirror made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, iron, and other materials frame, Custom LED sources: LED strips and LED bulbs, safe packaging.

LED Decorative Mirror
LED Plastic Mirror

Unique shape, private mold, hot-selling style, suitable for promotional items and gifts, product and packaging can be printed with logo.

Smart Mirror
Smart Mirror

Smart mirrors can be equipped with an Android system and can realize functions: skin detection and virtual makeup test, used for live broadcasts.

LED Mirror Home Application Scenarios

ILUMAY LED mirrors are used in different home mirror application scenarios, ILUMAY LED mirrors are suitable for your different styles of dressing tables. Also have bathroom mirrors, decorative mirrors in bedrooms and living rooms, etc.

  • LED Mirror for Vanity Table

    The simple and classic shape of the ILUMAY LED Vanity Mirror can be matched with traditional and modern makeup tables. Can add Bluetooth function.

  • LED Mirror for Bathroom
    LED Mirror for Bathroom

    Using a waterproof power supply and LED strip, can add a charging socket, smart screen, and speech control function, a combination of functions.

  • LED Mirror for Decorations
    LED Mirror for Decorations

    Different patterns or tunnel effects can be customized, time function, and instead of ambient lights, our LED mirrors can be well used for home decoration.

  • Magic Mirror for Smart Home
    Magic Mirror for Smart Home

    Provide makeup instruction videos, and record skin and weight data, you can also watch videos and listen to music while applying makeup or washing.

  • workout mirror
    Workout Mirror

    A smart workout mirror can provide fitness guidance, analyze movements, record fitness time and data, and interact with your friends for exercises such as fitness and yoga.

  • Magnifying Mirror with Light
    Magnifying Mirror with Light

    LED magnifying mirror is essential. It can be attached to the makeup mirror or the bathroom wall. It is very convenient to deal with the details of facial makeup or shaving.

LED Mirrors for Commercial and Engineering Scenarios

ILUMAY LED Mirror can be used in commercial scenarios such as hotels and villas, schools, hospitals, hair salons, yoga studios, and gyms. Professional design and development capabilities can provide unique and safe LED mirrors for your commercial projects.

  • Hotel LED Mirror

    Customize the mirror size and function according to your project needs, adopt the certified power supply and LED strip, IP44 waterproof level, The quality of the LED mirror is uniform, safe and stable.

  • Commercial Dressing Room Mirrors
    Commercial Dressing Room Mirrors

    Ensure safety: 12V low-voltage power supply. high color rendering index: German LED lamp beads are used, which can ensure the makeup effect.

  • Hair Salon Mirrors

    Support small batch & personalized function customization, fashion appearance, and unique mirror can help you have better brand recognition and attract customers.

  • Interactive Mirror
    Interactive Mirror

    Adopt Rockchip motherboard, realize virtual makeup test, skin detection functions, recommend products for users, and promote marketing; used in cosmetics, clothing, jewelry stores;

Why You Custom LED Mirror from ILUMAY

Custom LED mirror
Small Batch Customization

MOQ 50 pieces, customized with your logo

good quality led mirror
Good Quality

100% quality inspection, 100% certified

after-sale service
Worry-free After-sales

5-year warranty, full compensation;

design led mirror
Original Design

20+ patents,Unique in appearance and function;

How to Custom LED Mirrors by ILUMAY?

You can choose from our existing LED mirror styles. For different scenarios and applications of LED mirrors, we have corresponding classic styles and solutions, or customize new styles according to your needs;

If you have ideas or design drawings for LED mirrors, you can send them to us for evaluation, and we will keep all your information strictly confidential;

LED mirror design
led mirror equipment

Why ILUMAY Can Custom LED Mirror For You?

ILUMAY has experience in the LED mirror industry, and is good at structure and light source to ensure the safety and stability of LED mirrors to meet your needs;

In addition, we continue to research and develop the latest control technology, new materials, and new processes;

We have glass, hardware, and other processing equipment and designers, engineers, and skilled workers;

ILUMAY Ensures the Quality of LED Mirror

Quality inspection LED mirror
led mirror Quality inspection

The quality of the LED mirror depends on the stability of the LED and Power driver, switch control board functions,

so we control the links from structural design, raw material testing, production process supervision, and finished quality inspection.

The probability of LED mirror problems is minimized;

LED Mirror After-Sales Service

after sale service

If you purchase ILUMAY’s LED mirror that has some problems, we will report it to the production department as soon as possible, and give you a solution;

For batch problems, we will compensate according to your losses.

Our principle is honesty and trustworthiness, we value every feedback from you;

afer sale of led mirror
Provide Valuable Products & Services For You

We will regularly provide you with new products or samples, as well as the latest information about your market;

ILUMAY can provide you with photo and video inspection services, and every year we will provide unique customized gifts for you;

The ILUMAY team provides you with competitive LED mirrors and assured service!

ILUMAY's Hot selling LED Mirrors: The Following Mirrors Very Popular with Market

diamond mirror
Diamond Mirror Series

This diamond LED mirror can bring you high profits, we have patents on its appearance and structure that make it unique and novel in the market;

We also have different shapes of diamond mirrors: such as round and oval, shape and color of the diamond can be customized; this LED diamond mirror series can create many different new styles of products for you;

hollywood mirror
Hollywood Mirror Series

The upgraded classic LED mirror can realize free switching of three color temperatures, and also customize smart LED bulbs; aluminum alloy, and stainless steel frame options;

smart mirror
Speech Control Series

The LED mirror realizes speech control of lighting and Bluetooth, free hands, and increases experience and interactivity, our smart LED mirror has PCT international patent;

led mirror
Not Only LED Mirrors, ILUMAY Provide You With More Value

ILUMAY is committed to being an innovative company. You can see that ILUMAY is making breakthroughs in lighting applications and intelligent control. To provide you with new and unique and smarter led mirrors and related derivatives;

ILUMAY Can Give You Excellent LED Mirrors

  • “We have our own brand, and our products need to be different, so unique and patent-protected products are very important to us, and we are glad that ILUMAY’s LED Mirror meets our needs”

    Jonathan , CEO
  • “What we value most is the reliability and safety of our products. ILUMAY’s LED mirrors electrical accessories and final products must meet the certification standards of our market, so we can sell them with confidence”

    Sovana, Purchasing Manager
  • “When we first started working with ILUMAY, it was not so smooth. The mirror encountered a problem of high transport damage, ILUMAY team was very active in helping us improve the packaging and finally solved this problem;”

    Cannie, Supply Chain Leader

Related Product

ILUMAY Will Offer More Support For Your Business

Based on our design & development and production capabilities, as well as our supply chain resources, we can provide you with more new products and services besides LED mirrors;

How long is the LED Mirror delivery time?

It is typically 45 days, For new products or at peak production season, it may take 45-60 days.

Are your LED Mirrors certified ?

All our core accessories are certified, and all LED mirrors have corresponding market certifications, such as CE, Rohs, UL, FCC, SAA, etc.

What is your MOQ for custom LED Mirrors?

If you need a logo on Mirror and packaging, MOQ 100 pcs.

What is your warranty for LED Mirror?

5 years, the whole mirror is guaranteed for 1 year, and the core parts are replaced free of charge within 5 years.

How can we get your new products cataloge?

You can send us an inquiry, our sales will contact you, and we will regularly send the latest product catalog to old customers.

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