How To Increase the Sales of LED Mirrors?

RGB-colored LED applied on mirrors and mirror cabinets

LED mirrors are must-have products for homes and hotels. With the development of LED technology and control technology, the LED mirror has more functions, such as multi-color temperature adjustment, Bluetooth audio, voice, human body induction, radar, and other intelligent control.

lighted mirror manufacture

At present, a new innovation point has appeared, the RGB color LED mirror, the color LED strip is used as the background light of the LED mirror, and the color light has various illusion modes, which can be adjusted according to your preferences.

For the LED mirror with BlueTooth function, the colored light can rhythm with the music.

lighted mirror manufacture

The application of colored lights on the LED mirror can not only increase the atmosphere of the room but also serve as an important innovation point of the LED mirror product to distinguish it from other products.

The combination of ILUMAY’s color light strip solution and intelligent control solution makes the operation more convenient and the experience better.

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