How To Improve LED Mirror’s Production Efficiency & Quality ?

LED mirrors, especially those over 50cm in size, currently rely heavily on labor, and the production efficiency is not high.

Efficiency and quality depend on the proficiency of workers, and it is prone to uneven quality.

If all rely on post-quality inspection, it will Increase the large workload of the inter-department.


How to solve this problem? The assembly line production method is introduced, and each worker is only responsible for one link of assembly, which facilitates standardized training and management.

The assembly line can not only be used for the assembly of LED mirrors, but also for the packaging of LED mirrors.

The combination of the assembly line and automatic packing machine not only improves the efficiency of packaging but also reduces the need to flip the mirror during the manual packing process.


The assembly line can also be used as LED mirrors aging test line. For the LED mirrors to be shipped, the aging test is carried out uniformly, which can detect problematic mirrors in advance and reduce after-sales losses.

Traditional LED mirror production is more dependent on labor, and workers are highly mobile. Assembly line production is of great help to the standardization, mass production, and quality management of LED mirrors.

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