There is Hidden Danger For Tempered Mirrors

LED mirrors are now sold through e-commerce channels. For fragile products like mirrors, the packaging is not only required to be safer but also smaller.

Therefore, LED mirror manufacturers and sellers would like to increase the strength of the mirror, reduce the probability of damage, and reduce logistics costs.

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Recently, Some LED mirror manufacturers have launched tempered mirrors that are not afraid of falling.

They will use steel balls to smash the mirror surface. The tempered mirror will not be packaged, it will be dropped directly from a height of more than 1 meter, and the mirror surface will still be intact.

This solution looks very perfect, which can reduce damage and reduce the packaging volume.

However, there are 2 problems with tempered mirrors,

1. The mirror surface cannot be enlarged. Compared with the traditional silver mirror, the image of a large-sized tempered mirror is easily deformed.

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2. The tempered mirror has a certain self-explosion rate, about 5% probability. This is also the most troublesome problem because it cannot be avoided or prevented. Mirror self-explosion is unbearable for consumers, and it will inevitably bring serious after-sales problems.

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Therefore, although the tempered mirror can reduce the risk of damage in transportation, it increases the risk of after-sales on another level, and the possible losses caused by the latter may be far greater than the benefits of the former.

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Please pay attention to the sellers of LED mirrors, purchase and sell tempered mirrors carefully.

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