led mirror manufacture
ILUMAY Provides You with High Quality LED Mirrors and Services

General Questions

Are your Mirrors have certified?

Yes, We have UL, FCC, CE, Rosh, and SAA. For other countries and regions that have certification requirements, we can arrange certification after order confirmation;

Do you have patents?

We have invention and appearance patents in China, the United States, and Australia, We apply for many new patents every year;

Sales Questions

How long of your delivery time?

45 days, for the first cooperation and a new product, the delivery time is expected to be 45-60 days;

Is the packaging safe?

Yes, the packaging is safe, we can design the packaging according to your different packaging requirements of you;

What is your payment method

TT payment, 30% deposit for placing the order, 70% balance payment before shipment;

How is the quality of your products?

The defective rate of our products will be controlled by 2%, and our raw materials and production processes will be strictly inspected and tested;

Can we make a sample before order?

Yes, the sample is welcomed, the sample fee is charged at 2-3 times the bulk price, and the difference will be refunded after placing the order;

After Purchase Questions

if there are some problems with my products?

We will be responsible, If it is a single problem, we can reissue the product for the next order; if it is a batch problem, we can be responsible for repairs and compensation;

What additional services do you have?

We can provide customers with high-definition photos and videos of products

About Product Customization

Our design ideas and drawings can be kept confidential?

Absolute confidentiality. For customers who have customized needs, we will sign an NDA confidentiality agreement with the customer,

Can we customized logo on Mirror and packaging?

Yes, the customer can send us the logo document and inform us of the logo size and position, of course, the premise is that the MOQ needs to be met;

Can we make the LED Mirror brighter?

Yes you can, we will design the LED source and power supply according to the requirements of customers so that the brightness can meet the needs of different customers;

Will you sell my customized products to others?

No, we will respect the customer’s original product and will not sell it to any other customer, nor will it be publicly displayed and promoted

Can we add smart features on the mirror?

Yes, you can. It can add human body induction, speech control, touch screen, Bluetooth audio, air disinfection module, color atmosphere lighting, defogging function, etc.We can customize intelligent control modules and functions according to your needs

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