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DM 8060V Diamond Mirror

Size: 80cm * 60 cm
Material: 201 Stainless Steel
Voltage: 110V-240V
Hertz: 50Hz
Color Temperature: 3000k/4000k/6000k
Color Rendering Index: >90
Function: Bluetooth
Certification: FCC/ CE /RoHS /SAA

Why ILUMAY Can Make Perfect Diamond Mirror For You

Select high-quality and high-grade crystals, strict quality inspection, and defective crystals will be picked out;

Adopt German LED strip and certified power supply,201 stainless steel frame.

We have rich experience in producing diamond mirrors and skilled workers, and the production efficiency is higher.

Rich packaging experience to ensure the safety of transportation and sales.

diamond wall mirror

Custom Different Styles of Diamond Mirrors

Round Diamond Mirror

It can be used as a stand for desktop or as a wall-mounted model.

Square Diamond Mirror

Mirror size and crystal size can be customized according to demand.

Oval Diamond Mirror

Classic style design You can customize different shapes

Diamond Makeup Mirror

Matched with different styles of vanity tables and the light well for makeup.

Diamond Decorative Mirror

High-end hotels & villas, have a good decorative effect

Diamond Full-Length Mirror

Suitable for living room and fitting room scenes

You Need Purchase LED Mirrors With Advantages

At present, LED mirrors to tend to be homogenized. How do our diamond mirrors maintain uniqueness?

We have the appearance patents of the United States, Australia; we develop smart control methods, such as human body induction, and speech control, and intelligently transform the traditional mirrors to enhance the user’s experience;

We will continue to innovate the appearance, structure, and intelligence of our LED mirrors and provide you with more value.

led mirror manufacture
diamond mirror production

How to Provide You High-Quality LED Mirrors

Quality is the core of the product. Our Diamond mirrors are positioned in the high-end market and users, and the quality is particularly important;

The electrical accessories of each series of mirrors are certified, and the whole mirror will be certified with the target market, such as UL, FCC, SAA, CE, RoHS,

Our quality control starts from raw materials, until the mirror leaves the factory, from production and assembly to packaging and shipping, and each link has a special quality inspector responsible for minimizing the probability of product problems;

More LED Mirrors that Suitable for Your Business

We can customize the LED mirrors for you, For more information about diamond mirrors, please contact us!

ILUMAY: Professional Diamond Mirror Supplier

we are good at development and customization, welcome long-term cooperation customers;

  • Integrity, all customer design information, and samples will be kept confidential
  • Professional, with more than 15 years of experience in LED mirror production
  • Reliable, 100% quality inspection, product defect rate is less than 2%
Can i custom a sample for the Diamond Mirror and how much is the shipping cost?

Yes, the sample is welcome, and the freight is calculated according to the actual weight and volume of the sample.

What is the MOQ of the diamond mirror, can i customize my logo on it?

No customization requirements, MOQ 50 pcs each style, if mirror and packaging custom logo, MOQ 100pcs.

Can the size and color of the crystal be customized?

Yes, The size, color, and shape of crystals can be customized; unconventional crystals require a certain MOQ; conventional crystals are recommended for small quantities.

Can diamond mirror add bluetooth?

Bluetooth function can be added, and the speaker of the diamond mirror will be placed behind the mirror, Due to the special structure, the loudspeaker will cause the crystal to vibrate and affect the sound effect.

Is the packaging of the diamond mirror safe and can it be mailed?

Product size within 80cm * 60cm can be mailed separately; larger size mirrors need customized wooden boxes.

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