ILUMAY: Professional Custom Hollywood Mirror

  • Support small batch customization, 50-100 pieces can be ordered
  • 12V, 3W low voltage, safety, and energy saving
  • Color rendering index>90, professional makeup light source
  • Bluetooth and Speech control switches can be added
  • Mail order packaging, low breakage rate

Your Custom Hollywood Mirror Supplier

Why ILUMAY can customize a satisfactory Hollywood Mirror for you? ILUMAY has more than 15 years of experience in the production of LED mirrors. we have produced various sizes, functions, and materials of Hollywood Mirrors; we have hardware and glass processing workshops, and electronic engineers. from design to production. All can be one-stop services, and can be quickly completed for different customization needs;

Hollywood Mirrors We Have

The following Hollywood Mirrors are some of the products we have made, classified by size, shape, function, usage scene, etc. If you have Hollywood Mirror customization needs, please contact us;

Frameless Hollywood Mirror

A simple style can maximize the use of mirror surface, with no blocking.

Framed Hollywood Mirror

Aluminum profile frame, customizable color, simple packaging.

Round Hollywood Mirror

Can be customized iron and stainless steel, wall-mounted desktop dual use.

Full-Length Hollywood Mirror
Full-Length Hollywood Mirror

Low-voltage bulbs, smart touch buttons.

Small Hollywood Mirror
Small Hollywood Mirror

Small and lightweight, it can adapt to different scenes and makeup tables.

Smart Hollywood Mirror
Smart Hollywood Mirror

Can add smart screen:watch movies, listen to music, take pictures.

Hollywood Mirror Light Source Customization

The LED Blud’s size, material, and color temperature can be customized according to your needs,

which can be applied to different scenarios;


    80MM, 60MM, 45MM, and other different sizes.

    Choose Bulbs Material

    Glass, acrylic, PC, etc.Glass bulbs are available in gold and silver.

    Customized Color Temperature

    3000K, 4500K, and 6500K

  • Custom RGB Bulbs
    Custom RGB Bulbs

    Customizable color types and dynamic effects.

More Function Customization

Bluetooth, USB socket, speech control, and smart screen, make your Hollywood mirror multifunctional and more competitive.

  • hollywood mirror Bluetooth

    Bluetooth 5.0 solution

  • hollywood mirror usb

    USB/Type-c interface, easy to charge.

  • smart hollywood mirror

    Voice control Bluetooth and lights.

  • magic hollywood mirror
    Smart Screen

    photography & live streaming.

Custom Hollywood Mirror: Why ILUMAY

Small MOQ

Support small batch test orders and engineering orders

Packaging Safety

Professional mail order packaging with a low breakage rate

More Options

More mirrors choices, personalized function customization

Stable Quality

5 years warranty, 50,000 hours LED bulbs life

Your 100% Safe Hollywood Mirror

Adopt brand power supply, all have corresponding market certification, UL, ETL, TUV, SAA, CE, RoHS, etc.

Abandon high-voltage bulbs, use, 3W low-voltage bulbs, long-term use will not be hot, low voltage, low power design, safer for desktop use;

hollywood mirror
hollywood mirror

Hollywood Mirror:Speech Control is a Big Feature

Speech-controlled lighting and Bluetooth, PCT and US invention patents, customizable wake-up words, strong interactivity, increase brand image, suitable as high-end gifts; Direct speech control provides more convenience for scenes such as makeup.

How We Control Hollywood Mirror Quality

custom hollywood mirror
custom hollywood mirror

For Hollywood Mirror, quality is the most important, we will carry out strict quality inspections of raw materials, glass, frames, and LED bulbs.During the production process, all mirrors will be subjected to an aging test for more than 30 minutes to ensure the function is okay; there is a quality inspection mark on each mirror to ensure that the problem product can be traced;

Why We Stay Top on Hollywood Mirrors

custom hollywood mirror

ILUMAY has more than 15 years of lamp production experience. We have large glass,&hardware production equipment and professional workers.

Can design and realize complex structures and processes of Hollywood Mirrors.

custom hollywood mirror
Continuously Develop

We cooperate with the Scientific Institute to use the latest Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology to transform and upgrade products;

Can add more smart and useful functions for Hollywood Mirrors.

Hollywood Mirrors Have a Wide Range of Usage Scenarios: Both Home & Commercial Use

hollywood mirror
Commercial Powder Room

Provide stable and high-quality light sources for commercial makeup needs such as live broadcasts, photos, and videos that require makeup.

custom hollywood mirror
Bedroom and Living room

Can be adapted to different decor styles and makeup tables, and can also be used as high-end gifts for girls.

custom hollywood mirror
Beauty Salons

We can provide customized services to meet customers’ individual needs for mirror size, light brightness, etc.

Who Are Our Hollywood Mirror Customers

Wholesalers and retailers with customized needs for Hollywood Mirror, hotel engineers and designers, chain hair and beauty salons, gift companies, etc

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Custom Hollywood Mirror: ILUMAY Are Your Experts

We have developed a 0 blue light bulb, the light is soft and not dazzling, and it will not cause damage to the eyes and skin after long-term use;

Can you help us design Hollywood mirrors?

Yes, we are good at ODM, a one-stop service from product design to production.

How long does it take for samples and bulk shipments?

It should be evaluated according to the difficulty of the sample, generally about 30-45 days, and the production time of large goods is usually 45 days.

How long does it take to get a quote?

After receiving the inquiry, we will contact you within 24 hours, after confirming your specific needs, the quotation will be given within 24 hours.

What is your payment method

TT payment, 30% deposit, 70% paid before shipment.

Is the packaging of the mirror safe?

Safe, we offer to mail-order packaging solutions that meet ISTA-1A standards.

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