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  • Small Batch Customization
  • IP44 Waterproof Rating
  • PCT and U.S. Invention Patents

ILUMAY: Custom Your LED Bathroom Mirror

ILUMAY has more than 15 years of experience in LED Bathroom Mirror production, our mirrors have UL, FCC, SAA, CE, RoHS, and other certifications, and have more than 20 patents; our factory production area exceeds 20,000 square meters, with product design and development capabilities, with Independent hardware, glass, electronics, spraying, assembly workshop.

The LED mirror can be customized for more than 2 meters, and a magnifying glass can be added.

Bathroom Cabinet

Bluetooth, smart gestures, human sensing, voice control, and smart functions can be added.

round bathroom mirrors

The frame material can be customized, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, acrylic, etc.

frameless bathroom mirror
Frameless Bathroom Mirror

Frameless design, suitable for various decoration styles.

Oval Bathroom Mirror
Oval Bathroom Mirror

Classic styling for high-end restroom projects.

Acrylic bathroom mirror
Acrylic Bathroom Mirror

Side-lit, minimalist design, suitable for high-volume and fast production.

Your Trusted Bathroom Mirror Manufacturer

  • led strip

    Using German LED chips, 50,000 hours life, 12V, and low voltage are safer.

  • led drive
    LED Drive

    The drivers used all meet the certification standards of the target market.

  • led mirror switch

    Independent research and development of intelligent control switch.

  • Anti fog film
    Anti-Fog Film

    Assembled by ourselves: ensure safety and quality, high demisting efficiency.

Custom Bathroom Mirror : Why ILUMAY

Customer Service
Customer Service : 1000+

Rich experience in bathroom mirror project cooperation

Patent Certification
Patent Certification :100+

Independent research and development of new bathroom mirrors

Bathroom Mirror Production
Bathroom Mirror Production : 20+

Rich LED Bathroom mirror production experience

Warranty : 5+

100% after-sales problem solving

Personalized Bathroom Mirror

Personalized bathroom mirrors are our biggest advantage, focusing on the development and production of smart hotels, high-end villas and apartments, and household bathroom mirrors. Our speech-controlled bathroom mirrors are ready to use, network-independent, and privacy-preserving. Lights and Bluetooth speakers can be speech-controlled, and can customizable wake words, which will improve brand image and user stickiness.

smart hotel bathroom mirror
bathroom mirror production

Your Bathroom Mirror Factory

The bathroom mirrors ILUMAY produce will sell your projects with confidence; from the selection of glass, LED power supply, and LED strips, the development of control components, packaging design, product control, and after-sales service, they are all very experienced and able to provide you with satisfactory products with guaranteed quality and quantity;

Support Small Batch Customization

custom bathroom mirror
custom bathroom mirror

Professional design and engineer guidance, all-round technical support from bathroom mirror development to construction and installation;Have independent patents in appearance and core control technology to ensure the uniqueness of products and the safety of sales;Low MOQ, good quality, and service, reduce procurement risk;

Innovation :The Feature of ILUMAY Bathroom Mirrors

led bathroom mirror

We have an electronic R&D team. With the continuous research and development and improvement of intelligent control technology and LED source technology, our bathroom mirrors not only provide healthy and safe light sources but also become an intelligent control platform, which can add functions such as Bluetooth audio and smart screens;

led bathroom mirror
Bathroom Mirror Appearance Innovation

We give full play to the characteristics of glass and LED lighting, hardware, acrylic, and other materials, jointly develop LED mirrors with well-known designers and excellent structural engineers, and fully adopt customer market feedback to create unique bathroom mirrors for you;

Bathroom Mirror Customization : ILUMAY, Give You Safe Mirrors and Good Services

Float Glass
Good Mirror Material

Using high-quality glass, 5 layers of protective film, anti-oxidation, explosion-proof, good use effect, long life, not easy to break.

vanity bathroom mirror
High Quality LED Source

Customizable color rendering index greater than 95, greater than 3000 lumens per meter, no blue light, no stroboscopic, low light decay.

vanity bathroom mirror
Strict Quality Control

The raw materials and assembly process are subject to 3 quality inspections, and an aging test for more than 30 minutes before shipment.

banner bathroom mirror manufacture
Your China Bathroom Mirror Manufacturer

For Hotel projects that require bathroom mirrors: mirror compliance, and safety, good quality is the most important, and ILUMAY is most concerned about it, we will give you a bathroom mirror that you are satisfied with

Your Bathroom Mirror Production Expert



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Not Only Bathroom Mirror Custom: ILUMAY Can also Do More For You

We have LED Mirror R&D and production capabilities, and also have factories for related bathroom and living room furniture. Combine LED and furniture to continuously create more competitive new products;

Can you help us design Bathroom Mirrors?

Yes, we provide OEM/ODM customization services, with dedicated designers and engineers responsible for Mirro’s design and development.

What is your minimum order quantity?

The MOQ depends on the difficulty of the item and product and can be negotiated according to your needs.

Is it possible to make a sample and how to charge the sample fee?

Yes, the sample fee is charged at 3 times the price of the bulk product, and the excess part will be refunded after the order is placed.

How long is the lead time for bulk shipments?

The delivery time is 45 days, and the delivery time for the first cooperation of new products will be 45-60 days.

Is it possible to solve my warehousing and shipping problems?

Yes, we can provide customers with freight and short-term free warehousing services.

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