Your Exclusive Custom
LED Mirror Manufactures
Support LED mirror Small Batch Customization
Your Exclusive Custom
LED Mirror Manufactures
Support LED mirror Small Batch Customization
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  • ul for led mirror
  • FCC for led mirror
  • SAA for led mirror
  • CE ROHS for led mirror
  • BSCI for led mirror
  • USA patent for led mirror
  • Australia patent for led mirror
  • PCT patent for led mirror
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Your Reliable China LED Mirror Supplier

It would be best if you had LED mirror suppliers with rich production experience, focusing on quality and innovation, reliable product quality, and guaranteed after-sales; products are novel and unique and increase the competitiveness of brand products for your enterprise. ILUMAY can meet your above needs.
production experience
15 Years Experience
20,000 square production workshops have whole LED and mirror industry chain
High-quality Control
3 times quality inspections before shipment, 5-year after-sales guarantee, worry-free for your business
Patents and Certifications
Patents and Certifications
Has more than 50 certifications and patents: UL, FCC, SAA, CE, RoHS, PCT patent
price and delivery
Price and Delivery
Assembly line operation, high efficiency, competitive price, and delivery time for you

ILUMAY Leading LED Mirror Manufacturer

Provides you with LED mirrors for different scenarios: dressing room, bathroom, bedroom, hotel and hair salon, etc.
LED vanity mirror

Patented design, using crystal and diamond craftsmanship, the appearance is luxurious and high-end

Bathroom mirror

IP64 waterproof structure, safe and durable, radar and human body sensing, voice-controlled lighting

Mirror cabinet

Anti-fog, lighting, storage, bluetooth &disinfection function, combination, more practical

dressing table with mirror

The perfect combination of makeup table and LED mirror, combined sales, increase the competitiveness

LED Coffee Table

Lighting and Bluetooth and speech control combine perfectly with the coffee table

makeup case

Novel design, using speech control lighting, easy to operate, small size, easy to carry,

Custom LED Mirror Why You Choose ILUMAY

We give you innovative LED Mirrors and high-quality services

Both small and large batches can be undertaken, serving brand owners, hotel engineering, designers, beauty salons and other customer groups

original design led mirror

We have an innovative appearance and structure of LED mirrors, using new materials and new processes to differentiate from market products

reserch for led mirror

Independent research and development of voice control module, and applied for PCT international patent, can be developed according to your needs;

quality for led mirror

Product quality is the foundation, each product has undergone 3 quality inspections and 3 hours of aging test before leaving the factory

LED Mirror's Production Workshop and Equipment & ILUMAY Team

ILUMAY integrates the entire industry chain of LED Mirror, from metal processing and welding, glass cutting and laser logo, and intelligent control module development, so ILUMAY can control costs and ensure LED Mirror quality;
LED Mirror Factory to Rocket Your Projects

ILUMAY is adept at using new lighting and intelligent control technologies, new materials, and creative design solutions for LED Mirrors. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise regarding LED mirrors, So we can always provide you with the best advice and recommendations for your needs.

ILUMAY is a good OEM supplier of LED mirrors to provide you with a unique product, expand your product line that will help you stand out from the competition and highlight your products and increase your profit, we have had many successful customer cases.

How to custom our branded LED mirrors?

If you have your own design, you can sign an NDA with us first, and then we will produce a custom design based on your design;

What is the minimum order quantity?

For custom products we normally have a MOQ of 100 pcs each,

If the customer has other circumstances, the exact quantity can be discussed further.

How about after-sales guarantee?

We provide 5 years of after-sales guarantee service,

1-year full compensation for product quality problems,

5 years of free accessories

How about Packaging and shipping cost?

We have to mail-order packaging and normal sea freight packaging,

Packaging methods that can be customized to suit the customer’s needs.

Shipping costs need to be worked out according to the customer’s quantity and specific circumstances

ILUMAY Provide You with Good LED Mirror and Excellent Service

Selling LED mirrors is just the beginning. The ILUMAY team will always provide you with professional service.

Any problems you encounter in ILUMAY’s LED mirror products and projects,

We will solve them for you as soon as possible;

What Else Can ILUMAY Do For You

In addition to our LED mirror products, ILUMAY also integrates and expands new products and services based on our technical capabilities and supply chain resources.

Send an Inquiry to ILUMAY LED Mirror Now

Get our latest product catalog, Tell us your needs and the ILUMAY team will give you a satisfactory reply within 24 hours.
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